How To Destroy Your Plateaus, Get Strong As An Ox, And Become Leaner Then You Ever Imagined By Learning How To Properly Use A Pair Of Kettlebells...


Dear Kettlebell Friend,

There’s one reason why you haven’t reached your physical goals using kettlebells.

It’s quite simple:

You’re just not strong enough –


Like my good friend Mark Reifkind says, “Strong fixes almost everything.”

Think about it – strength is the ability to do whatever you want to do when you want to do it. And if you can’t do what you want to, then you’re not as strong as you could be and should be. And that’s most likely holding you back – either physically or emotionally or worse yet, both.

And I can assure you nothing feels as good as being strong.

It’s true: Strong fixes almost everything.

For example, did you know to get really lean, you need to be stronger?

Think about it – the leanest people on the planet are strength and power athletes – sprinters, Olympic weightlifters (not the superheavyweights), and gymnasts.

All incredibly lean.

All incredibly strong.

Here’s why that’s so:

Being stronger means you can produce more force. And producing more force means you can do more work. And doing more work requires more energy in the form of stored calories – or body fat. So the stronger you are, the more potential body fat you can burn.

Strong fixes everything.

Here’s another example: Marathon runners.

No, not the 250-pound donut-eating kind you see rolling across the line 5 hours after the start with Gatorade strapped to each hand.

I’m talking about the elite – the Kenyans.

Sure, they may not have the physiques that you or I want – but they’re stronger than their competitors because they’re the ones that win.

And how do they win?

They produce more force and therefore cover more distance per unit of time. That makes them the fastest, and therefore the strongest when compared to their competition.

What do Kenyan marathon runners have to do with getting stronger with kettlebells?


Before you can do a lot of reps to achieve superior levels of strength and conditioning, you have to achieve minimal levels of strength and conditioning with fewer reps.

Before you can run 26.2 miles quickly, you have to be able to run one mile quickly. The same holds true for kettlebells: Before you can do 20 reps of the Long Cycle Clean And Jerk, you have to be able to do 10 and before that, five.

You have to build your strength first.

And the stronger you are, the easier it is to build your endurance.

What about just plain ol’ getting strong as an ox?


You have to lift more weight – either one rep at a time, like a new one-rep max or you have to be able to do more work per unit of time.

Regardless of your goal – the best way to get there is by getting stronger.

And the best way to get stronger using kettlebells is to use two at a time.

And the best way to learn how use a pair of kettlebells is to use –

Kettlebell STRONG!

Kettlebell STRONG! is THE definitive step-by-step guide to learning how to perform all the major double kettlebell exercises.

This is NOT your typical downloadable digital product either.

No sir, this is the real-deal:

Almost FOUR hours of watch-it-in-your-DVD player or computer in-depth set of instructional DVDs AND hold-it-in-your-hand and flip-through-the-pages hard copy book.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to be available to everybody, but more about that in a minute.

And it’s not repackaged seminar footage either (although that material is gold).

Nope, this is all new material based on what you’d learn if you came to one of my day-long Kettlebell Muscle seminars. It’s the exact method I use to help attendees gain the confidence they need to be strong and successful using double kettlebells.

(The average price of one of these seminars is $197 for a half day and $297 for a whole day. And many people travel to attend. In fact, the last time I taught one of these in California, one guy traveled all the way from France! Imagine what his plane ticket cost...)

I also taught some of this material  at the 2011 Hardstyle Ventura conference with Pavel, where attendees paid between $699 and $999 for the two-day event.

And most recently, Pavel had me teach some of these methods at the RKC Level 2, where it has been incorporated into the new StrongFirst SFG Level 2 manual. 

And if that’s not enough, take a look at this – Pavel even wrote the Foreword to the book:

But more importantly to you, this is the EXACT method that approximately 60% of my seminar attendees use in achieving personal bests in multiple double kettlebells lifts while at these seminars.

This is because Kettlebell STRONG! is different from any other double kettlebell instructional materials:

It literally programs your body to learn these exercises at accelerated rate through a unique process I developed called –

Technique Stacking

Technique Stacking is a very specific educational sequence that allows you to master complex exercise techniques by layering one technique on top of another in a formulaic and structured manner.

You start with one simple exercise and work on several key points. Then you learn a more complicated exercise, applying the key points that you learned in the first exercise. Then you take each technique that you learn and apply it to the next exercise. The learning process is accelerated through repetition, cementing exercise technique at a faster-than-normal pace.

For example, most people would start their double kettlebell training with the Double Swing. Good idea, but wrong place to start.


Because although a great conditioning exercise, the Double Swing doesn’t have nearly the transfer to the double kettlebell lifts as another specific exercise – one which sets the foundation for the double kettlebell lifts and is found inside Kettlebell STRONG!.

(Most people would never believe, let alone think about using this exercise as their foundation for double kettlebell lifting. But when you see why, the explanation will make perfect sense to you. Not only that, you’ll start making fresh new gains in strength, power, and conditioning when you rework this exercise into your program.)

Of course, there’s a lot more to Kettlebell STRONG! than just “technique stacking.”

Here’s what’s covered in Kettlebell STRONG!:

Not only is this the only double kettlebell instructional program of its kind available on the market today, but I’ve also included an implementation section on -

Cutting Edge "Done For You" Program Design

I’m not going to just leave you hanging with “Ok, here’s how to do it” without giving you the “Here’s what you do now.”

Many people get caught up in the false complexity of program design, making their workouts much harder than they need be and less effective than they can be. This wastes time and energy – two things none of us can afford to lose. The truth is programming your double kettlebell work is not that hard, especially when you follow principles.

In Kettlebell STRONG! I reveal two powerful principle-based and never-before-seen programs that will take your strength and conditioning to record levels in record times.  The first is a strength-based program that will incidentally increase your conditioning levels and the second is a killer conditioning program that will sneak your strength up without you even knowing it. 

Program #1: The “STRONG!” Program

This program shows you how to wear out just one pair of heavy kettlebells using the definitive double kettlebell exercise – The Clean & Press.

Nothing makes your body stronger than Clean & Presses. This program shows you how to make the heaviest pair of kettlebells feel like toys, gaining new strength, muscle, and amazing levels of conditioning in the process. (There are 87 individual workouts in here – over 6 ½ months and can be reused repeatedly without ever plateauing.)

Program #2: The “One” Program

If there was ever one program that did it “all,” this very well could be it.

The “One” program shows you how to take just one exercise – the Double Swing, and eat its lunch. (The best part? You’re only looking at 30 minutes of workout time per week. Yes, it’s that powerful.) I’ve only revealed this program one other time, and that was at a lecture on Program Design at a recent RKC Certification.

Once I shared this program with the candidates, I asked them a very simple question:

“How conditioned, and more importantly, how strong would you be if you did this with a pair of Beasts?”

“VERY!” was the collective response.

As you can see, Kettlebell STRONG! is THE definitive step-by-step guide for mastering the double kettlebell exercises and getting as strong as you want to be – as strong as you need to be – to achieve ALL of your physical goals.

But It’s NOT For Everyone.

Unfortunately, Kettlebell STRONG! is not for everyone. Read below to see if you qualify.

Who this is NOT for:

Who Kettlebell STRONG! IS for:


Not only is this available only for those who qualify, but there is a limited number of copies.


Because this is a marketing test – physical products are a pain in the butt to create, fulfill, and ship.

Then why am I doing this?

Let's call it a "labor of love."

I’ve had a TON of requests for hard copies of my programs over the years. In fact –and I can’t believe I’m telling you this – people actually refund my products because they were expecting hard copies.

So I wanted to give you my very best information in a format that virtually ensures that you use it and gain from itDVDs that you can watch and learn from repeatedly and a real hold-in-you-hand book that you can study at your own pace. Not just digital copies this time.

Here’s what else you need to know:

1. This is an exclusive offer only for people on my in-house list, which has been officially closed for the last year. 

No joint venture partners are going to see this offer – I’m keeping it close to the vest, even though a couple of them know about it and want in on it. If I ever do decide to partner up with them in the future, their customers won’t get this deal.

2. I’m only offering Kettlebell STRONG! for a short period of time.

This won’t be one of those dragged out launches. In fact, I'll probably leave this offer up for less than a week then take it down for good.

I figure that since the information is valuable enough that people will pay a minimum of $197 for one of my half-day workshops, and travel all the way from France for a full day workshop, that being able to get the same information from the comfort of your own home is equally as valuable, if not more so.

After all, you will have the luxury that seminar attendees don’t: You can press pause and rewind and review this information over and over and over again at your convenience, without having to learn everything at one time, like in a workshop setting.

(Let’s face it, workshops are awesome learning opportunities but their downside is that you’re battling fatigue and often times it feels like you’re drinking from a firehose. Now you have a way of sipping in this new information at your pace, without trying to learn in the shadow of fatigue.)

Simply put, you’re smart enough to see the amazing value this program will add to your life. You either recognize that this is everything you need to take your kettlebell results to the next level or you don’t.

3. Back to the limited quantity thing - I’m only producing 1000 copies of Kettlebell STRONG!.


Because as I said, physical products are a pain in the butt to create and ship. There’s a lot of extra work (not to mention cost) that goes into this that’s not involved in creating digital products. However, as I mentioned earlier, I am committed to getting my very best work to the most serious of students in the best possible format for learning – a DVD and book set.

So before we talk about how much this will cost, here’s what else you need to know:

When you order Kettlebell STRONG! today, I’ll send you the two instructional DVDs – almost 4 hours of in-depth, never-publicly-seen footage, with step-by-step instructions to quickly and safely learn how to perform each of the nine fundamental double kettlebell exercises and the 89 page detail-stuffed book.

And no, this isn’t a “book” with a ton of pictures as filler and 20 pages of advertisements at the end. It’s all meat, no garnish – cues, techniques, and tips you’ve never seen before. Sure, there are pictures, but they’re included to prove each point, not take up space.

Not only that, you'll learn the most common double kettlebell training mistakes and how to avoid them. And when you can't avoid them, you'll learn corrections and additional strength exercises to help you perform the exercises correctly.  Again, just like being at a live event, but without the headaches and extra cost of travel, and without the “drinking from the firehose.”

Heck, even if you have attended a seminar, I’m sure you agree that there was so much information that it’d be great to have a resource to review and refresh your memory and even pick up tips and tricks you missed the first time through.

Finally, the DVDs are “quasi-interactive” – I’m teaching you, and then a “model” gets to apply the techniques I’ve just covered – live. The best part about this is that he’s never been to one of my seminars, so this is all new material for him, just as it is for you. You’ll enjoy watching him squirm!

Unfortunately, once these are gone, they’re gone. (Unless I decide to make more for my joint venture partners – but that’s not a chance you want to take, because this is far from a certainty.)

So reserve your set of the Kettlebell STRONG! DVDs and Training Manual here before they’re all gone.

Get Kettlebell STRONG! Here.


By now you’re probably wondering how much Kettlebell STRONG! is going to set you back. Great question.

Not as much as much as you think – especially now that you people have paid at least $197 for a half day seminar and have paid up to $297 for a full day and traveled from as far as France to attend.

You can rest assured that it’s not going to be anywhere near $297.

If we averaged your investment over the course of the next year (let’s say that Kettlebell STRONG! is this year’s Christmas/Hanukkah present to yourself) it’s less than 30 cents per day. Heck, many of us spend more than 30 cents a day on a cup of coffee. Are you worth more than 30 cents a day? I sure hope so!

Get your copy of Kettlebell STRONG! here before they sell out.


Why Do YOU Need Kettlebell STRONG!?

Unfortunately, since the majority of people using kettlebells are never going to make it to one of my Kettlebell Muscle seminars, they aren’t going to be exposed to this material. Which means they are never going to achieve their goals. They’ll still be frustrated not making it to the next level of strength, conditioning, and leanness.

Worse yet, they’ll most likely abandon the kettlebell and end up moving from one late night TV workout to the next, continually failing in their quest for change, and finally quitting in the long run.

That’s why I decided to write Kettlebell STRONG! so that you could read and watch the best step-by-step  method available to learn the double kettlebell skills – all from the comfort of your own home without the hassle of traveling.

But, let’s face it, the truth is, you don’t NEED Kettlebell STRONG!.

Not if you’re happy being weaker and fatter than you deserve to be.

Or not if you’re happy with sloppy technique – banging your wrists and shoulders when you Snatch and Clean or if you like having a sore lower back from your Front Squats or Swings.

If you like those things, then by all means, keep on doing them.

Harsh words, I know.

But to tell you anything other than the truth would be to disrespect you.

And respect you I do, which is why I decided to go way out of my way and out of my comfort zone and give you my absolute best information in the absolute best possible format – a real physical product.

When you’re ready to make unimaginable gains in strength, conditioning, and fat loss, get Kettlebell STRONG! here.

Get Even Stronger... with More Kettlebell Muscle...

... And these other advanced double kettlebell training programs.

Don’t miss your chance to get a copy of More Kettlebell Muscle, the sequel to my book, Kettlebell Muscle.

In 2010 a little book called Kettlebell Muscle rocked the kettlebell world with its short yet brutal workouts using kettlebell complexes and chains. Users were astounded with their results – many putting on an average of one pound per week, while only working out approximately one hour per week.

That’s one way to see muscle.

The other way, like a sculptor, is to remove what is already there, revealing the image hidden beneath.

In More Kettlebell Muscle, I’ve designed not one, but TWENTY different kettlebell complexes designed to chisel the fat off your body.

Each program is between 4 and 12 weeks in length, and is for almost all skill levels (except rank beginner).

Combined with the right diet (which I’ll give you), you’ll reveal your inner Zeus or Venus in record time.

Not only that, but you’ll receive a seven of my best double kettlebell programs, reserved only for my Inner Circle members, including programs that teach you how to incorporate bodyweight training with double kettlebell work for the ultimate in strength and conditioning. (Each month, my Inner Circle members pay $19.95 for these programs, so this has a real value of $139.65.)

I’ve NEVER offered anything like this before. Most likely, I never will again.

Don’t miss out – get your copy of Kettlebell STRONG! here.


Bottom Line: If you’re serious about getting amazing results from your kettlebell training then you owe it to yourself to get Kettlebell STRONG! today. Without it, you’re leaving results on the table.

I’ve done all the research for you – learn from my 20+ years in the strength-training world. All you have to do is read, watch, and apply. It’s like receiving the answers to the test in advance.

And as always, your investment is backed by my 60-Day, 100% Money Back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the material, you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

Order today and receive FREE Shipping + Handling – For the first 500 orders Only!
 (Domestic US orders only, not international – sorry.)


Geoff Neupert

Geoff Neupert, CSCS, StrongFirst Master Instructor
Author, Kettlebell Muscle

P.S. When you’re one of the first 500 orders you’ll receive FREE shipping and handling if you live inside the continental 48 United States. (Sorry, not applicable to international orders.)

P.P.S. Don’t forget, you’re protected by my 60-Day unconditional100% money-back guarantee. Watch and learn from Kettlebell STRONG! and if you aren’t thrilled with your results, you can send it back and receive a prompt and courteous refund.

Select Your Option

Kettlebell STRONG!
Book and DVD set

Two Payments of


(You will be billed $48.75 and then billed $48.75 one month from today for remainder of your order)

Kettlebell STRONG!
DELUXE Edition
$284.15 $147.50

Two Payments of


(You will be billed $73.75 and then billed $73.75 one month from today for remainder of your order)

The Kettlebell STRONG! DVD set and Manual



The Kettlebell STRONG! DVD set and Manual

Almost FOUR hours of detailed double kettlebell training footage previously only available at my live seminars. Plus two new high powered double kettlebell programs.

More Kettlebell Muscle

There are two ways to get more muscular using kettlebells: Eat as much food as possible and do as much work as possible in the shortest period of time possible (the original Kettlebell Muscle) and optimize your fat burning hormones with strategic eating to strip off bodyfat combined with doing as much work as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s More Kettlebell Muscle. Not just one 12-week program, like the original book, but TWENTY challenging, fat-torching complex-centered 4 to 12 week programs (Yes! Twenty!) to reveal the lean, hard body trapped under that stubborn layer of blubber.
(Value: $47)

The Inner Circle DKB Vault

Add these SEVEN challenging four-week double kettlebell programs from my exclusive Members Only Inner Circle to your collection. Every month, a select group of no-nonsense, highly intelligent individuals receive a specially designed kettlebell training program from me. Each month builds off the previous month on a customized four-phase cycle. Twice in the last two years we’ve included multiple double kettlebell cycles – none of which I’ve never shared anywhere except inside the Inner Circle, until now. Here are SEVEN of the most effective double KB programs ever written, including programs combining bodyweight and double kettlebell work. Programs are: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Strength, Double Your Muscle, Double Stuff, Keep Your Chin Up!, Keep Your Chin Up! Part 2, and BURN, Baby, BURN!. (Each one of these programs is $19.95 a month as part of the Inner Circle.)
(Value $139.65)

Select Your Option

Kettlebell STRONG!
Book and DVD set

Two Payments of


(You will be billed $48.75 and then billed $48.75 one month from today for remainder of your order)

Kettlebell STRONG!
DELUXE Edition
$284.15 $147.50

Two Payments of


(You will be billed $73.75 and then billed $73.75 one month from today for remainder of your order)

NOTE: Kettlebell Strong is a physical product. Please allow 6-10 business days for shipping in the continental United States. International orders please allow between 15-25 days for shipping.

FOR RETURNS: Please send all returns to: AlphaDad Media Inc, 4610 Prime Parkway, McHenry, IL, 60050

If you need any assistance with anything, you can contact me at



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